Our Business Model

Our extensive corporate consulting and coaching experience lies at the foundation of the unique business model we have created. We are delighted to offer businesses based throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, the following bespoke features and benefits.

More than 25 years of proven industry expertise and experience

Expertise and Experience

Proudly a boutique national consulting and coaching firm, you will deal directly with the owner of the business, who brings to you more than 25 years of proven industry Expertise and Experience.

A unique business model that provide flexibility that


We appreciate the industry weaknesses that clients face when wanting to provide coaching for their employees. So, we have used our experience to deliver a unique business model that provides the Flexibility that businesses are seeking.

We have a range of over 50 mix and match coaching topics

50 Mix and Match Coaching Topics

Design fully cusomised, targeted coaching modules by choosing from over 50 Mix and Match Coaching Topics when coaching needs arise.

A transparent fee structure is a feature of our business

Transparent Fee Structure

Take advantage of our Transparent Fee Structure to select the number of coaching hours to be made available and to limit coaching spend, based on budget.

Maximise Coaching time

Maximise Coaching Time

Maximise Coaching Time by providing employees with convenient face to face remote based coaching via video or what’s app. At the same time, avoid work down time or costs incurred in unnecessary coaching commute.

Business Return on Investment

Business Return on Investment

Our ‘best in class’ corporate coaches bring you proven advanced coaching expertise PLUS strong business acumen. This blended focus ensures there is always attention paid by our coaches to the Business Return on Investment.