Businesses need to ensure that each employee exists the businesses with dignity

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Why Invest?

Investing in career transition/outplacement coaching benefits both businesses and individuals by fostering a supportive and compassionate approach to workforce transitions. Businesses preserve their reputation and fulfil their legal obligations, while individuals receive the guidance, support, and resources they need to navigate career transitions successfully and emerge stronger on the other side.

From a Business Perspective

Protecting Employer Brand: Providing career transition/outplacement coaching demonstrates your commitment to supporting employees during times of change. By treating departing employees with dignity and respect, you preserve your employer brand and reputation, enhancing your attractiveness to current and future talent.

Minimising Disruption: Career transition coaching helps departing employees navigate their career transitions with confidence and resilience. By providing them with the resources and support they need to secure new opportunities quickly, you minimise disruption to their lives and reduce the negative impact on morale and productivity within your organisation.

Legal and Ethical Obligations: Businesses have legal and ethical obligations to support employees during workforce transitions. Business must consult with their workforce when proposing change, and Investing in career transition/outplacement coaching ensures that business is upholding their ethical standards and values, which encourage those employees impacted by change to become brand advocates.

From an Individual Perspective

Navigating Uncertainty: Career transition/outplacement coaching provides individuals with guidance and support during periods of uncertainty and change. By helping them navigate the job market, develop effective job search strategies, and prepare for interviews, coaching instils confidence and empowers individuals to take control of their career transitions.

Emotional Support: Career transition/outplacement coaching offers individuals a safe space to process their emotions, fears, and concerns about their career transitions. Coaches provide empathy, encouragement, and practical advice, helping individuals cope with the emotional challenges of job loss and transition.

Professional Growth and Reinvention: Career transition/outplacement coaching encourages individuals to view career transitions as opportunities for growth, reinvention, and exploration. By helping them identify their transferable skills, strengths, and career interests, coaching opens doors to new possibilities and helps individuals find fulfilling and meaningful work.


Hit a brick wall? Unsure about what your future career looks like? Ensuring a renewed sense of professional fulfilment is a top priority. Its natural to think that a career change is warranted when in reality its sometimes the role or the employer that needs to be changed. Next Steps Coaching will guide the employee in clarifying the reasons for their decision, assessing the pros and cons, identifying the options, and then knowing how to research and plan the switch.

Guiding the employee in clarifying  and support in their career change decision


Whether the job seeker merely needs a professional review of their existing CV or to fully replace a dated CV, Next Steps Coaching is at the helm.

Our team of expert outplacement coaches know what HR and Hiring Managers look for in a CV and a Cover Letter. They know how to navigate Applicant Tracking Systems and the information that is needed to progress to an interview.

Get the CV format that packs the punch


Prepare to Impress. Succeeding in an interview is often about the quality of the preparation that applicants complete beforehand. We provide our expertise in preparing for an interview, responding in the crucial first ten minutes, and answering questions in a way that out-smarts the competition.

We also know how to handle that awkward situation when the mind just goes blank.

Interview Skills Coaching in a way that allows you to out smart the competition


Those who rely on searching for advertised vacancies and speaking with recruitment consultants typically hand over their job search to someone else and then wonder why it’s taking so long to get another job.

It’s important to spend about 3-4 hours a day in active job search and using a variety of proven techniques provided by Next Steps Coaching, will deliver quick results.

Using a variety of proven techniques to deliver quick results


LinkedIn personal branding is essential for professional success in today’s interconnected world. It not only helps you stand out in a competitive job market but also fosters meaningful connections and opportunities for career advancement and business growth.

Next Steps Coaching will share expertise and insights to make your LinkedIn profile work for you and build a meaningful network of professional contacts.

How to enhance your network through networking


Whether you envision a part-time career, pursuing a long-held hobby, or dedicating time to family and community, Next Steps coaching will empower you to create your transitioning to retirement plan.

Explore the possibilities of achieving a fulfilling work-life balance in your retirement years. Your coach will enable you to thrive in every aspect of this exciting new chapter of your life.

How to enhance your network through networking

Moving to Australia

There are many things to think about including understanding visa requirements, cost of living, the job market, preparing a tailored resume, leveraging job search platforms, networking, and being ready to adapt to a new cultural and environmental landscape. Next Steps coaches have the expertise to help you prepare to transition, inclusive of partnering with one of our Australian based coaches who can offer personal and professional insights to living and job search and application readiness.

How to enhance your network through networking