Putting the best for forward when pursuing a redeployment opportunity





When a business undergoes a restructure and the role profile changes, employees will sometimes be invited to reapply for their role as well as other new roles that have become available. If they choose not to then redundancy could be a likely outcome.

Your employees need to make informed choices about their future career / job steps and applying for internal positions in a business where applicants are likely to be known well to the selection panel means that a rigorous internal selection process will often be put in place.

Internal applicants look to determine personal role alignment and what their value proposition is. Interviewers will look for meaningful information from internal applicants so they can make a fair and transparent selection decision. At the same time, . People will look for the skills and tools needed to put their best foot forward, especially if they are competing with colleagues and/or external applicants.

               CAREER DECISIONS 


When employees are undecided whether to accept a redeployment opportunity or to accept redundancy, Next Steps Coaching provides confidential third-party coaching to assist the employee in their decision- making process.

Exploring the pro’s and con’s of each option and considering the benefits for the employee’s longer term career plan are critical when making an informed decision.

Undecided whether to accept redeployment or accept redundancy?


When one or more redeployment options become available and there is more than one employee eligible to apply, businesses will often ask employees to submit either a full CV or an Expression of Interest.

Communicating competitive advantage along with content, format, and presentation will determine whether the internal applicant is successful in being invited to the interview.

CV or Expression of Interest Coaching


There are special tips and techniques that need to be applied when participating in an internal interview where decision makers are likely to already know the applicants.  Next Steps Coaching provides interview skills that not only assists the employee but also enables the business to make an objective and informed selection decision.

How to  cope when participating in an internal interview when you know the decision makers