To Reduce unexpected turnover, a retention strategy is a must have.





When just one employee unexpectedly resigns, the cost of their replacement is upwards of 150% of their annual salary. With the anticipated ‘great resignation’ now being experienced by many businesses, skill shortages are at their worst in decades.

To retain those people who you can’t afford to lose, to boost productivity and to ensure high levels of loyalty, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMEMENT and a TALENT RETENTION focus is a must have. 

With Next Steps, our customised coaching will empower your people leaders to grow, ensure people-role alignment, reduce resignation risk and enable you and your business to take positive steps to building a culture of professional growth that employees are craving.


People don’t leave the organisation, they leave their manager. Poor leadership, left unaddressed, negatively impacts team and organisational culture, often resulting in high employee turnover. 

Bespoke Leadership development coaching empowers newly appointed and seasoned people leaders to develop and enhance the skills and tools they need to lead their teams with confidence.  


The employee who may be described as a ‘square peg in a round hole’ can have a serious impact on team productivity and morale.

Even when the employee is valued, left unaddressed, role-person misalignment can often lead to unexpected resignations by others in the team.

Role Alignment assists the employee to understand and acknowledge the mis-match and to assess other possible internal or external opportunities.

Assess whether an employee is a match for the role


One of the key drivers behind resignations is a perceived lack of professional growth.

Our confidential career pathways coaching is a tangible and practical way for businesses to retain valued employees. It also demonstrates a commitment to talent mobility so that people have a reason to stay, rather than a reason to leave.

Internal Career Pathways


Does your business have key talent that you simply can’t afford to lose?

Provide an external and impartial mentor to help grow and retain your high achievers for the longer term.

With regular access to their own confidential ‘sounding board’, professional pressure points will be quickly addressed and individual performance will be taken to the highest level.

Regular and impartial mentoring